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Furniture Design and Modeling   

You can find almost anything you need while wandering through a certain Swedish big box furniture store…almost. But sometimes generic designs just don’t fit the unique needs of a space. Designing and building custom furniture for your own home can be a unique and rewarding experience. From bookcases to dressers, tables to desks, take a common form and make it your own. This course will cover the more heady sources of inspiration and finding the creative spark, as well as the technical skills of drafting and reading a scale. We’ll explore creative examples first, then put pencil to paper to draft a plan, and finally create a unique 3D scale model. Take the drawings, models, skills and a new appreciation for design back home, and continue dreaming up (and building) a hand-crafted life. This class will be hosted off-site at the instructor's home studio, located just a few miles from North House.

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