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Rya Rugs on a Floor Loom   

Explore the possibilities of pile rugs! In this class, we will learn about weaving rya in the Swedish tradition to create our own contemporary work. Students will weave a small rya sample rug (roughly 12"x12") of their own design on a floor loom. In class, we will learn design and material calculation, rya knot technique, edge treatment to make the rug strong, material and color blending, and finishing techniques. We will also explore the Scandinavian history of pile rugs from their purely utilitarian purpose in the Viking Age to the expressive designs of Mid-Century Modern and more contemporary pile rugs. This method of hand knotting rugs is slow and focused, but so rewarding. When leaving the class, students will have a solid foundation in rya practice to make their own larger scale rugs or wall hangings in this global knotting technique.

Materials Fee

A materials fee of $40 will be collected by your instructor in class.

Required Tools

  • Pencil
  • Calculator (a smart phone is fine)
  • Coloured pencils
  • Flexible Tape measure
  • Sharp pair of scissors, but not your best sewing scissors. Cutting rya loops will dull the blade
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