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The Modern Pantry   

Dive into a weekend kitchen lab that makes the most of harvests from the garden, farmers market, CSA box, or foraged wild foods as they reach their peak. Play with updated old ways for food preservation that will stock your pantry shelves throughout the winter months, adding color and flavor to dreary days. Experience a hands-on exploration of creating jars and bottles of special seasonings and condiments you won’t find at the grocery store. Among some of the new pantry essentials are autumn savories like quick pickled wild mushrooms, fresh horseradish mustard, fermented vegetable krauts & relishes, spiced wild plum or oven-roasted root vegetable catsups, fruit scrap vinegars, and sumac-prairie seed seasoning blends. Autumn sweets might include simmering up saskatoon or wild blueberry-lavender syrup to drizzle over baked goods or use in cocktails, dried apple or pear sweetie sugar, spicy herb-infused honey, and winter squash-cranberry chutney to serve with local cheeses, roast meats, or curries.

Students age 12+ may register for this course.


Required Tools

• Assorted containers for bringing food home

• A basket or box for those containers

• Apron

• Sharp kitchen knife if you have a favorite

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