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Wild Foods Processing: Starches, Nuts, and Seeds   

This class will be a deep dive in processing wild foods. Most commonly foraged and home garden foods are flavorful foods that simply need to be pulled off the plant or plucked out of the ground. These usually supplement our necessary calories and protein gained from other foods. We will efficiently process various starches, large seeded fruits, nuts, seeds, pseudo grains, grains, and legumes. Unlocking starch processing gives access to a huge underutilized resource. The starch can be used for noodles, a wide variety of ferments, and much more. We will flail, dance, and winnow various seeds and grains. We will press nuts for oil, crack nuts by a variety of methods, and make nut-based milks and nut butters. The first two days will be focused on processing methods. Most of the third day will be focused on making tasty dishes to eat together utilizing what we processed as well as foods prepared by the instructor before class. 

Foods utilized in the class will be: lotus, cattails, wild rice, yellow dock, hickory nuts, pecans, acorns, black walnuts, lambsquarters seeds, chokecherries, aronia berries, sumac, beach peas, and honey locust beans. The instructor will harvest these throughout the year to have in the class for processing. Youth ages 10-15 are welcome with an accompanying adult; those age 16+ may register on their own. This will be a pretty physical and hands-on class. All students are welcome. 

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