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Heavy Duty Sewing: Craft a Leather and Birch Hanging Chair   

Sitting in a Sky Chair is incredibly comfortable, ergonomic, and downright fun. Craft up a floating lightweight and portable chair while learning to sew, carve, and splice. On the first day, students will get familiar with industrial sewing machines and practice a variety of heavy duty fabric applications that can be useful in many settings. On day 2, students will move on to splicing and tying techniques, and carving the birch dowels that give the chair its structural integrity. By day three, everyone will be ready to craft a leather and birch hanging chair that will be the most comfortable seat in any room. Martha Williams has been part of the Sky Chair family since birth and loves telling the creation story and history which stretches from Japan (via fellow North House instructor Kurt Buetow) to Boulder, CO and back to MN in 2016. Students should have basic skills on sewing machines (domestic is fine). This course welcomes youth ages 14-17 with an adult. Each pair will pay one tuition and one materials fee, and complete one project.

Required Tools

All tools and materials will be provided.

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