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Smörgåsbord: One Ingredient At a Time   

Become a smörgåsbord sophisticate. The Nordic roots of the buffet call for a slowing-down—an intentional pause to understand the makeup of the abundant table and appreciate each element one-by-one. Join chef Scott Graden, owner of the New Scenic Café, for a delectable educational journey across the smörgåsbord. Students will make pickled herring, smoked salmon, pickled beets, fennel sesame crackers, rye bread, deviled eggs, and mustards, then dive into the art of incorporating cheeses, dried fruit, and olives. On day two, the class will culminate with a shared meal at around 4pm. Students may bring a guest to the meal.

Required Tools

  • Assorted containers for bringing food home
  • A basket or box for those containers
  • Beverage for communal meal
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