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Needle Felting & Bead Embroidery: Beads & Fiber Painting   

Combine bead embroidery and needle felting to create a unique landscape “painting,” while learning the basics of both in this two-day workshop. Participants will bring a landscape image (photo, magazine image, postcard etc.) to inspire their beaded piece. First, you will create a simple needle-felted wool background fabric. Then, you will learn some basic bead embroidery stitches to add the foreground to your piece. Bead artist Jo Wood will introduce students to her favorite techniques for “painting” with beads as well as some hints and tips that she has discovered during her 25 years of beading. Her goal is to demystify the basic materials and processes. While working with bead colors and textures, students will also learn some simple principles of composition, transferring patterns, and how to add depth and dimension to their work. Needle-felting supplies will be provided to make a foundation for your beadwork. Jo will also provide the needles and thread for beading.

Required Tools

  • An inspirational landscape to use for your design. A printed photograph, picture from a magazine, or drawing will do. Cell phone images do not work well for this class.
  • SEED BEADS in size 10 to 15. Bring 8 or more colors in a variety of sizes. Choose a variety of surface finishes (opaque, matte, transparent, silver-lined, etc.) that work with your image. Call a friend who beads or the bead store if you need help understanding sizes. Jo will bring "extra" beads to supplement your palette.
  • Bead Mat
  • Glasses if you wear them

Optional Tools

  • Feel free to bring other bead supplies if you have them
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