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Crafting the Twig and Driftwood Chair and Footstool   

The twig and driftwood chair is a delightful combination of traditional craft and beach foraging. In this course students will work with native alder and willow, following a basic twig chair design that will be individualized with the found pieces of driftwood. A harvesting field trip will provide an opportunity to gather some of the twig materials, in addition to providing a chance to field-identify twig furniture materials. During the first day of class, students will construct a basic footstool using twig and driftwood materials provided by the instructor. The following day, students will begin building the framework of their chair, and in the afternoon will take a field trip to identify brushwood species and gather additional material for their seat and chair back. Day three, students will finish their chair and talk about other applications, such as shelving, tables, and more. Students are encouraged to bring their own driftwood along to use if they wish. This course is open to ages 16+. Youth ages 12-15 are welcome to participate with a full-paying adult, and will make one project. Youth registrants will receive a 25% intergenerational discount; call to inquire.

Required Tools 

  • Sharp cross cut saw or pruning saw (the Silky folding saw is amazing)
  • Tape measure
  • Utility knife
  • 16 oz or heavier hammer
  • Gloves
  • Brush cutters: look for small bypass brush cutters that have a rather long, pointed blade. The short, rounded type of brush clippers are more difficult to use for precision cutting. 
  • Long handle lopping shears suitable for cutting 1” – 1.5” branches
  • Shoes/boots/apparel for gathering brush in wet conditions. Some of the materials grow in standing water!

Optional Tools 

  • Cordless Drill and drill bits for making pilot holes
  • Tool apron
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