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Retirement Planning & Investments in a Changing Economy   

This class will discuss how tax law changes, rising interest rates, and a changing economy may affect your investments and retirement plans. We will share the financial market perspectives of respected economists and explore the investment trends and best practices in a constantly changing economic landscape. We will discuss various investment vehicles, such as mutual funds, index funds, ETFs, alternative investments, and others. The class will finish by highlighting the principles of financial planning and how they can be applied to your personal retirement goals.
  • Retirement Planning & Investments in a Changing Economy
  • Instructor: Steven Cliadakis (he/him/his)
    Dates: 1/9/2024 - 1/16/2024
    Days: Tu
    Times: 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
    Sessions: 2
    Location: Online Learning
    Room: Link to be Provided
    Fee for À La Carte Members: $30.00
    Fee for Unlimited Members: Included
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