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Demystifying Annuities: Online   

Have you ever heard radio hosts say, "I hate annuities," "Annuities are bad," or "Annuities have lots of fees"? This class is designed to demystify what you may have heard about annuities. For example, you may not know that there are four main types of annuities, that some annuities have zero fees, that some annuities are liquid, or that some annuities act much like a CD. Annuities can be complex investment products, and they may not be for everyone. Learn the pros and cons of the various annuities.

  • Demystifying Annuities: Online
  • Instructor: Miste Cliadakis
    Dates: 9/14/2022 - 9/14/2022
    Days: W
    Times: 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
    Sessions: 1
    Location: Online Learning
    Room: Link to be Provided
    Fee: Included

     Show Description

    This Zoom class is open to all. It will not be recorded.