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The Ganges and Mekong Rivers with Sue Perkins   

Most American PBS viewers know Sue Perkins as one of the original hosts on the Great British Baking Show. She has also presented a number of travel series on British television. Over nine class meetings, we'll view her travels down the Ganges from its source and up the Mekong through South Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. We'll also take a whirlwind tour through Japan or travel along the TransAlaska highway, one of the worlds' most dangerous roads.

  • The Ganges and Mekong Rivers with Sue Perkins
  • Instructor: Walter Coffey
    Dates: 9/16/2022 - 12/9/2022
    Days: F
    Times: 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
    Sessions: 9
    Location: The Social Chico
    Room: Bradley 2
    Fee: Included

     Show Description

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