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The $10 Founding Father: Alexander Hamilton from Revolution to Stage   

This is a special opportunity to join a class from OLLI at University of North Florida!

That founding father’s contributions were abundant and significant. Discover how milestones in his life led him to become one of the most fascinating figures in American history. Track his youth and immigration to America. Learn about his time as an army officer and George Washington’s trusted confidant. Understand Hamilton’s role as a leading author of the Federalist Papers and his contributions to the Constitution. Consider his contentious relationships with Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr as well as his associations with the Schuyler sisters, one of whom would become his wife. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton: The Musical is woven throughout this course. Before you enter the room where it happens, find out what happened and why the musical’s themes resonate today.

Recommended: Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow


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