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How Current Events in the Middle East Affect Us in the USA    NEW!

Since the apparent defeat of ISIS and especially with the Ukrainian Crisis, the US public (hence the US media) has lost interest in what is happening in the Middle East. That does not mean that the situation in the Middle East is not likely to flare up at any moment and therefore affect us again. This program will not only capture the current events that risk evolving into a crisis but, most importantly, will shed the light on the root causes and the enduring reasons why, unless dealt with, these events can get out of hand and spill over to likely affect us and harm our NATO allies, our European friends, and the rest of the free world. After a general overview of the situation in the Middle East, we will consider each of the principal players, mainly Iran, Israel, Turkey, and the oil-rich countries as well as the weakest links such as Syria, Yemen, and Libya.