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Frankenstein's Dreams: Human Enhancement for Social Advancement?    NEW!

Humans appear quite open to modifying themselves. Modifications may be temporary, as occurs when an athlete consumes performance-enhancing drugs, or permanent, such as the surgical alteration of a person's appearance. We have a growing ability to meld our bodies with machines and to alter ourselves genetically. As our ability to alter our biology expands, so too does the potential for our "enhanced" versions to pose serious challenges to cultural norms, long-established social structures, and basic assumptions about what it means to be human. Let's discuss!
  • Frankenstein's Dreams: Human Enhancement for Social Advancement?
  • Instructor: David Donnell
    Dates: 4/25/2024 - 6/27/2024
    Days: Th
    Times: 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
    Sessions: 10
    Location: The Social Chico
    Room: Bradley 1
    Fee for À La Carte Members: $55.00
    Fee for Unlimited Members: Included
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     Show Description

    The class will make frequent use of freely-available digital materials that the instructor will direct you to. Participants may also suggest topics for discussion.

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