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The Aging Eye   

Our eyes exhibit age-related changes in performance as we get older, particularly as we reach our 60s. Some of these changes are perfectly normal and don't signify any sort of disease process. And though cataracts can be considered an age-related disease, they are common in older adults and can be readily corrected with surgery. Dr. Gilbert explores these common changes, as well as more serious age-related eye diseases. Understanding more about our aging eyes and what we can do as we notice changes can help improve our eye health and overall quality of life.
  • The Aging Eye
  • Instructor: Benjamin Gilbert
    Dates: 4/23/2024 - 6/25/2024
    Days: Tu
    Times: 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
    Sessions: 4
    Location: Chico Eye Center
    Fee for À La Carte Members: $30.00
    Fee for Unlimited Members: Included
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    This class meets April 23, April 30, May 28, and June 25.

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