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AI Update May '24    NEW!

Will AI continue on its exponential growth trajectory, or will there be a slowdown? Has AGI already been achieved and if not, is it distant or imminent? This three-session study group chronicles the ongoing saga of AI as it pulls us all into the future.
  • AI Update May '24
  • Instructor: Elena Berman, OLLI at University of Arizona
    Dates: 5/14/2024 - 5/28/2024
    Days: Tu
    Times: 11:00 AM - 12:45 PM
    Sessions: 3
    Location: Online Learning
    Room: Link to be Provided
    Fee for À La Carte Members: $30.00
    Fee for Unlimited Members: Included
     Show Description

    This class from OLLI at the University of Arizona will be recorded. OLLI-UA recordings can take up to a week after the class meeting to become available.

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