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Stay informed about upcoming events, special offers, and new class offerings by reading Bits & Bytes, OLLI's electronic newsletter. Missed it in your inbox? Check out recent issues here in the news archive. Like what you see, but you're not an OLLI member yet? Subscribe to get emails about our upcoming classes and events.

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OLLI Bits & Bytes, April 11, 2024
Join us for a picnic this week and the OLLI Play Festival next week!

OLLI Bits & Bytes, March 28, 2024
Get advanced play festival tickets next week!

OLLI Bits & Bytes, March 14, 2024
Spring Class Previews are coming up.

OLLI Bits & Bytes, February 22, 2024
Announcing our next two international trips!

OLLI Bits & Bytes, February 8, 2024
The Memorials of World War II discount deadline is next week.

OLLI Bits & Bytes, January 25, 2024
The Memorials of World War II trip discount deadline is approaching fast!

OLLI Bits & Bytes, January 11, 2024
Winter classes are in session.

OLLI Bits & Bytes, December 28, 2023
Winter classes start January 8!

OLLI Bits & Bytes, December 14, 2023
Winter registration is open!


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