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Stay informed about upcoming events, special offers, and new class offerings by reading Bits & Bytes, OLLI's electronic newsletter. Missed it in your inbox? Check out recent issues here in the news archive. Like what you see, but you're not an OLLI member yet? Subscribe to our e-newsletter.

If you have something to say, a photo to share, or a question to pose to the editor, you can submit information using our OLLI Newsletter Submission form.

OLLI Bits & Bytes, March 23, 2023
OLLI All Year is coming in Fall '23.

OLLI Bits & Bytes, March 9, 2023
Spring Break is next week, March 13-17.

OLLI Bits & Bytes, February 23, 2023
Don't miss our spring picnic on March 1!

OLLI Bits & Bytes, February 9, 2023
The OLLI spring term is here!

OLLI Bits & Bytes, January 26, 2023
Spring classes start February 6.

OLLI Bits & Bytes, January 12, 2023
Welcome to Spring! Just one week to registration.

OLLI Bits & Bytes, December 22, 2022
Happy holidays from OLLI!

OLLI Bits & Bytes, December 8, 2022
Fall classes are ending; find out how to keep learning with OLLI.

OLLI Bits & Bytes, November 23, 2022
Happy Thanksgiving! Classes resume Monday!

OLLI Bits & Bytes, November 10, 2022
Sign up now for hearing screenings!

OLLI Bits & Bytes, October 27, 2022
Fall Classes Resume Next Week!

OLLI Bits & Bytes, October 13, 2022
Fall break is coming up!

OLLI Bits & Bytes, September 22, 2022
The Social Chico Cafeteria lunch special for OLLI members.

OLLI Bits & Bytes, September 8, 2022
Get ready to go back to OLLI. Fall classes start Monday!