Winter 2019

  • Term Dates: Jan. 28- Mar. 8
  • Expect your Course Guide:
     The week of Dec. 17
  • Course Request Period:
     Dec. 17- Dec. 31, 4 pm
  • Allocation Period: Jan. 2-4
  • Additional Registration Period:
     Jan. 4- Jan. 11, 4 pm

Spring 2019

  • Term Dates: Mar.25- May 10
  • Expect your Course Guide:
     The week of Feb. 11
  • Course Request Period:
     Feb. 11- Feb. 25, 4 pm
  • Allocation Period: Feb. 26-28
  • Additional Registration Period:
     Mar. 1-8, 4 pm

Summer 2019

  • Term Dates: June 3-June 28
  • Expect your Course Guide:
     The week of Apr. 22
  • Course Request Period:
     Apr. 22-May 6, 4pm
  • Allocation Period: May 7-9
  • Additional Registration Period:
     May 10-17, 4 pm
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30563 Indigenous language Revitalization: Policies, Movements, Pedagogies - OLLI Scholar - New   NEW!

In this course we will discuss the social, political, and economic forces that have and continue to displace Indigenous languages. Reviewing the social and individual effects of language loss help us understand why it’s important to bring languages back. Finally, we will learn from the language revitalization efforts in the United States and around the world, and even try our hand at learning some Ojibwe and Mixtec.


Schedule: 7 sessions, Mondays, Mar. 25 - May 6, 10:00-11:30 am, Becketwood, Kensington Square, Minneapolis
Course Leader(s): Maria Schwedhelm
Use following link for map of location: Becketwood
Seats Left: 14    Course Fee: $0.00

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