Summer 2019

  • Term Dates: June 3-June 28
  • Expect your Course Guide:
     The week of Apr. 22
  • Course Request Period:
     Apr. 22-May 6, 4pm
  • Allocation Period: May 7-9
  • Additional Registration Period:
     May 10-17, 4 pm

Fall 2019

  • Course Request Period:
     Aug. 26-Sep. 9
  • Allocation Period: Sep. 10-12
  • Additional Registration Period:
     Begins Friday, Sep. 13, after 9 am, ends two days prior to each course start date.

Winter 2020

  • Course Request Period:
     Nov. 18-Dec. 2
  • Allocation Period: Dec. 3-5
  • Additional Registration Period:
     Begins Friday, Dec. 6, after 9 am, ends two days prior to each course start date.

Summer 2020

  • Course Request Period:
     Apr. 20-May 4
  • Allocation Period: May 5-7
  • Additional Registration Period:
     Begins Friday, May 8, after 9 am, ends two days prior to each course start date.
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30576: My Belief in Karma and Afterlife (Reincarnation) - What's Your Take? (LATE START DATE) - New   NEW!

Based on my understanding of the Hindu philosophy and scriptures, I believe in karma as it affects me. I also think of afterlife (reincarnation)—what will happen to me after this present life ends. I find it very comforting while fully realizing that science cannot prove or disprove any of it in this world without boundaries. After briefly describing my thoughts, the participants will be asked to share and discuss their take on this subject—without any judgment.


Schedule: 1 session, Tuesday, June 25, 10:00am-12:00pm, U of M, McNamara Alumni Center, Benson Classroom 235, U of M
Course Leader(s): Ned Mohan
Use following link for map of location: U of M, McNamara Alumni Center
Seats Left: 7    Course Fee: $0.00

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