Winter 2021

  • Term Dates: Jan. 11 - Feb. 26, 2021
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    week of Nov. 23
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Spring 2021

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    week of Feb. 8
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OLLI Scholar 30712 Literature of the Apocalypse: Origins, Definitions, and Archetypes   NEW!

It’s common lately to hear people speak of “apocalypse.” But what does the term mean, and why are post-apocalyptic tales in literature, gaming, and film so popular, particularly with young adults? In this course, we’ll survey the origins, definitions, and archetypes of the apocalyptic literature genre. We also will examine the arguments of historians and literary critics to consider how apocalyptic discourse has shaped American religion and politics—especially from the 19th century to the present—and how visions of the end of the world continue to influence American popular culture and the country’s response to crisis, including the COVID-19 pandemic.


This course is now in session. To inquire about registration email:


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