Spring 2021

  • Term Dates: Mar. 22–May 7, 2021
  • Proposal Submission Deadline: Nov. 25
  • Course guide in homes and on website: week of Feb. 8
  • Request Period: Feb. 8–22, 4 p.m.
  • Allocation Period: Feb. 23–25
  • Additional Registration Period: begins Feb. 26, after 3 p.m.

Fall 2021

  • Term Dates: Oct. 4 - Nov. 19, 2021
  • Proposal Submission Deadline: May 7
  • Course guide in homes and on website: Aug. 16
  • Request Period: Aug. 16 - 30, 4 p.m.
  • Allocation Period: Aug. 31 - Sept. 2
  • Additional Registration Period: begins Sept. 3, after 3 p.m.
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10613 Spring Fever @ Mia: Renewal Among the Ruins    NEW!

Feverish with longing to be free from isolation, we take heart at the sight of budding trees that mock receding piles of dirty snow. In this course, we will explore the aesthetic signs of spring that bring hope, revelation, and renewal, and examine the symbols, metaphors, and mythologies of regeneration and the fevers of love. And that business of fever—how is it revealed in art? Certainly, the body marshals its defenses against illness, but what of the delirium of inspiration and visits from the supernatural? How do those artistic wonders likewise allow us to break free? 

James Allen, Kay Miller, and Emily Shapiro are Mia docents and OLLI members.

Offered in cooperation with Mia.


This course is now in session. To inquire about registration email:


This course is now in session. To inquire about registration email:


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