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Mental Health Wellness: Creating a Mental Health Toolkit for Coaches & Mentors   

This course helps the participants build a complete "toolbox" for themselves and those the coach. These toolboxes will be filled with multiple resources to share in order to encourage athletes to explore and practice techniques until they find those that resonate with them. They will need techniques they can use at the beginning of a big competition to calm their nerves, techniques they can do on a daily basis to manage stress more productively, and also a long-term plan for understanding how stress works, how to recognize if they are not coping well and what to do about it.

The Coaches' Mental Health Toolbox will consist of positive coping strategies and skills coaches can teach their athletes. Strategies will address

  1. stress management in the moment -- what can an athlete do “right now, in this moment”-- to reduce their acute stress
  2. coping skills for daily stress management
  3. life skills and practices for developing a long-term robust stress management plan that can adapt to the needs of the individual as they grow and change.

  • Mental Health Wellness: Creating a Mental Health Toolkit for Coaches & Mentors
  • Fee: $175.00
    Dates: 5 week self-study
    OSPI Clock Hours: 15
    Time: On your own
    Instructor: Lynn Tucker, MS, NSCA-CPT
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    Creating a Mental Health Toolkit for Coaches and Mentors

    Course Objectives:

    • Understand the 7-Dimensions of Wellness and how they impact health and performance
    • Understand the importance of social emotional learning (SEL) on healthy human growth and development
    • Understand the main types of stress - acute stress, chronic stress and eustress
    • Explain how stress impacts health and performance
    • Understand the importance of self-care on stress, health and performance
    • Teach athletes how to use a Wellness Log to:
      • record practices that impact stress (sleep, food/energy intake, etc)
      • reflect upon actions / patterns that increase or decrease stress
    • Guide athletes in developing healthy stress management techniques using the Self-Care Table as a resource
      • Coaches will practice these techniques in order to better understand how they work
      • The goal is that coaches will develop a complete toolbox of options to meet the diverse needs of athletes

    Register for this course at any time during the term and study at your own pace.

    First day course is available to begin study: Feb 6, 2024.
    No assignments accepted after 5pm, May 17, 2024.

    Self-study, asynchronous course with instructor support 15 OSPI Clock Hours available.

    You can register at any time during the term and take the class at your own pace.

    Please review our Deadlines & Refunds policy, as well as our Withdrawal process.

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