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Mental Health & Suicide Prevention   

Word cloud illustration in shape of hand print showing protest. — Stock Photo, Image  New Remove BG  Save  Share  Sample  New Word cloud illustration in shape of hand print showing protest. — Photo  S 967 × 1000JPG 3.22 × 3.33"  L 1934 × 2000JPG 6.45 × 6.67"  XL 3840 × 3971JPG Standard License	 12.80 × 13.24 in 300 dpi  SUPER 7680 × 7942JPG 25.60 × 26.47"  EL 3840 × 3971JPG 12.80 × 13.24"  Download Image Stop suicide. Word cloud illustration in shape of hand print showing protestThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identifies suicide as a public health concern. Each year, there are over 40,000 deaths via suicide in the United States alone.

It is vitally important that health care providers are competent in the recognition, protective intervention and treatment of suicidal behaviors. This course will provide the learner with tools to identify risk factors, perform a suicide assessment, and develop safety plans with the at-risk individual.  Teaching methods include didactic presentations, group discussion and hands on practice with suicide prevention and safety planning tools.

Meets the requirement of the State of Washington mandatory suicide prevention training for nurses (RCW 43.70.442) and is approved by the Washington State Department of Health.

Who Should Enroll

RNs and others in the health care industry who want to help prevent suicide.

Credential/Accreditation Information

Meets the new Washington State Department of Health requirement and the new competency rules (WAC 246-840-220) and suicide prevention training (RCW 43.70.442) and is approved by the Washington State Department of Health.

Refund Policies

This course operates by the Nursing Refund Policies.

  • Foundations of Faith Community Nursing
  • Fee: $595.00
    Dates: 3/23/2024 - 5/18/2024
    Times: 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    Days: Sa
    Contact Hours: 36.5
    Building: Online
    Instructor: William Lonneman, DNP, RN

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    The American Nurses Association recognizes faith community nursing as a specialty in nursing. Foundations of Faith Community Nursing -- also known as Parish Nursing -- holds the spiritual dimension as central to its practice.

    Faith Community Nursing is a specialized field that recognizes the importance of spirituality and faith in the healing process. Nurses who complete this course are equipped to provide holistic care that not only addresses physical health but also attends to the spiritual and emotional needs of individuals within their faith community and the wider community.

    Experience online presentations, small group experiences, community interactive work and play, meditation, and creative workshops.

    Offered 100% online, this education course is designed to help the faith community nurse learn to model and promote health and healing.

    Dates: March 23 -May 18, 2024: SELECT SATURDAYS ONLY, and self-study. There are self-paced assignments during this time, which students must complete on their own. There will be regular instructor check-ins for questions and guidance.
    Access to a computer and internet connection is required.

    Email for information.

    Self-paced learning 3/23/24-5/18/24

    Required online class days: March 23, April 20, May 18, 2024

    Contact Hours 36.50

    These two books are included with the registration fee:

    • Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Curriculum: Participant Guide 2019 Revision: Jacob, Susan R
    • Faith Community Nursing Scope & Standards of Practice | ANA

    9:00 AM - 3:00 PM PST Three arranged Saturdays and self-study.

    Please review our Deadlines & Refunds policy, as well as our Withdrawal process.

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