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Certificate in Maritime Management   

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Whether you have been serving on vessels for years, just started working for an intermodal company, or are looking to break into the local logistics industry, PLU’s Certificate in Maritime Management is an ideal way to expand your network and knowledge about the maritime industry.

“Anyone in or who deals with the maritime industry will find this course invaluable. The instructors bring their real-world experiences into their material, making it impactful in a way simply reading or lecturing never could.” – Certificate Student, Fall 2018

In this course, participants gain vital knowledge about maritime law and regulation, applied management theory, and vessel and terminal operations, as well as the global and local history of the industry. Participants will also spend a full day at the Port of Tacoma, talking with port and terminal employees, visiting the maintenance and repairs shop, observing rail transfer operations, viewing the Port from atop a gantry crane, and touring a vessel.

Session Descriptions

  • The Maritime Industry (Global and Local): This session introduces the contents of the syllabus and provides a historical geographical and economic context for the coming sessions.   

  • Management Theory and Practice: This session provides an introduction to management theories and practices, with an emphasis on developing specific skills for leading and managing in organizations.

  • Vessel and Terminal Management: This session provides an introduction to vessel, terminal, and port management and organization.  

  • Vessel and Terminal Operations (Part 1): This session provides a deeper look at the operations of ports and their related intermodal transit, labor, and infrastructure concerns.

  • Maritime Law and Regulation: Environmental: This session provides an overview of the regulatory and legal regimes affecting international maritime commerce, with a particular emphasis on environmental issues and regulations.  

  • Vessel and Terminal Operations (Port of Tacoma On-Site): Students will spend the day behind-the-scenes at the Port of Tacoma to concretize topics presented in classroom sessions, meeting with leads of different functional areas, observing rail transfers firsthand, and touring warehousing facilities.  The day will end with an exploration of the future of vessel and terminal operations.

Course Details

  • Cost
    • Standard: $770
    • PLU students & alumni: $700
    • Corporate discount: $700, if sending 3 or more people (please contact our office to make arrangements prior to registering)
    • ETP Eligible (for pricing and information visit WA Career Bridge ETP List)

  • 27 Contact Hours

  • 2.5 CEUs (10 contact hours per CEUs)

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Registration Notes

Contact Continuing Education at or 253-535-7722 for discount codes before registering.

Refund Policies

This course operates by the General CE Refund Policies.


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