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Curriculum Models in Physical Education   

collage with students in phys ed courses

This class will provide learners with an opportunity to develop and/or enhance their current curriculum through four PE curriculum models: Skills Theme Approach, Sport Education, Teaching Games for Understanding, and Adventure Education. Through course discussions and assignments you will gain ideas from each other as to how you are already using one or multiple curriculum models in your current teaching, and/or how you could implement some or all of the curriculum models into your own physical education courses.

Course Details

  • Fully online

  • Cost: $140

  • 10 online contact hours (over 5 weeks)

  • 1 CEU

Who Should Enroll

Any teachers, physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, activity leaders, coaches, or other professionals who lead physical education courses.

Eligibility Requirements

No prerequisites.

Registration Notes

There are no discounts available for this course.

Refund Policies

This course operates by the General CE Refund Policies.


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