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Faith Community Nursing   

Praying hands clasping a stethoscope

Faith community nursing is a practice specialty that focuses on assisting members of a faith community to maintain and/or regain wholeness in body, mind and spirit.  Faith community nurses are licensed, registered nurses who practice holistic health for self, individuals and the community using nursing knowledge combined with spiritual care.  Faith community nurses practice within their own faith community either as volunteers or in paid positions and are found across faith traditions.

The Foundation of Faith course is a delivered via a hybrid format consisting of 20 hours of online training and 2.5 days of in person didactic studies in partnership with Faith Community Nursing/Health Ministries Northwest.  The course is appropriate for both nurses and those interested in health ministry.

Successful completion of all components awards a certificate as a Faith Community Nurse or Health Minister (from Faith Community Nursing/Health Ministries Northwest).


Course Details

  • Cost: $530
  • 20 Contact Hours (in-person) + additional 20 hours of online work

Who Should Enroll

This training is offered to those of any faith tradition who want to develop a Health Ministry through their communities of faith.  This program is suitable for both RNs and those wishing to become a health minister.

Eligibility Requirements

RNs who wish to be certified as Faith Community Nurses must hold an active license within the state in which they wish to practice and have an LPN or higher nursing degree.

Refund Policies

This course operates by the Nursing Refund Policies.


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