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RN Refresher  

This fast-paced course combines on-line, classroom, supervised laboratory practice, and clinical instruction. Learn the latest care techniques. Nursing procedures common to adult (adolescence to elderly) acute and long-term care will be reviewed and practiced by participants in a skill laboratory setting.
Includes 160 clinical hours


Prior to entering the clinical setting, the RN Refresher student will meet the following health requirements:
  1. Hold a current or temporary RN license to practice in Washington State with no encumbrances.
  2. Show evidence of liability (malpractice) insurance coverage for a minimum of 1,000,000/3,000,000.
  3. Show evidence of a major medical, accident or sickness insurance coverage.
  4. Completion of CPR for Health Providers that remains valid throughout the clinical experience. CPR must include 1 and 2 person, child, infant choking and AED.
  5. Complete the Application.
  6. Complete the Washington State Patrol Disclosure Affidavit.
  7. Complete and sign the Release and Hold Harmless Agreement
  8. Completion of the Personal Health History form,all screening, & immunization: TB Screening, MMR, Hepatitis B, Chicken Pox, Tetanus.
  9. Successful completion of all RN Refresher Lab Skills sessions as evaluated by the instructors.
  10. Be ready and available for clinical experiences on day and evening shifts on any day of the week, including holidays. To facilitate your successful completion of the clinical experience other employment during this same 12-14 weeks as your clinical is highly discouraged. (There have been instances where participants were unable to successfully complete the program due to over commitments and fatigue).
  11. Be able to meet the following list of Physical and Psychological Expectations of Nurses Returning to Professional Practice

Washington State approved refresher course. Successful completion of the course is required for return to active status of a Registered Nurse/Licensed Practical Nurse license that has been inactive or lapsed three or more years.


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