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COVID Precautions   

Requirements for student attending classes on campus

What is an attestation in the context of COVID-19?
Attestation is a personal declaration that something is true and factual. If you have a Peninsula College ID number, you will be able to provide your attestation information by logging into your ctcLink portal and clicking on the Immunization Attestation tile. Choose your details by using the drop down box under Immunization, agree to the statements and click on Submit. Alternatively, when you enroll in Community Education classes, you will receive an email before class starts with a link where you can provide your vaccination status.

What about in-person services & activities?
Masking and social distancing requirements have been dropped as of Spring Quarter 2022. Masks will be worn by those who wish to continue wearing them.

What if I still want to wear a mask?
Peninsula College fully supports anyone who chooses to wear a mask.

Do I need to practice social distancing?
Social distancing will not be required

What if I begin to experience COVID symptoms after coming to campus?
Please go home if you are not feeling well. Campus Safety will have some limited over-the-counter COVID tests available for anyone who has a sudden onset of symptoms after arriving to campus.

Are you keeping virtual services?
Wherever possible, PC will continue to offer both virtual and in-person services for students.

If you have questions or need further clarification, please contact:

Camilla Rico, Director for Enterprise Services
Phone: (360) 417-6231