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You Traveled Where? Yes, We Traveled To Newfoundland. Loved It! - Oct. 16  

Jean, Katie, and Nancy traveled to Newfoundland in June of 2019. They will share their travel log with OLLI Members via a Powerpoint presentation showcasing Newfoundland, the oldest European settlement in North America. They saw fishing villages, Jelly Bean houses, puffins, and whales. They traveled to Iceberg Ally, Ferryland, the Colony of Avalon, and the Irish Loop. They visited museums, beautiful gothic churches, and government buildings. One of the exciting moments of the trip was meeting members of the U.S. Air Force who flew the U.S. planes to Paris to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day. They have lots of history, photos, and stories dating from 1497 to the present. They are also hoping this Brown Bag will motivate members to share their travels with OLLI. This presentation will be similar to the one held this summer.


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