Course Catalog

Course Catalog

Welcome to Continuing Education's online registration website!  

Look over our exciting selections for Summer.  Registration begins Monday, 5/1/17 at 8 am.

Online registration for College for Kids is available and easy!

For complete step by step detailed instructions for College for Kids registrations only (Ages 6-12) click on the ORANGE REGISTRATION INSTRUCTION BOX on the left hand column.  Please print these instructions and refer to them as you register your child.  All other programs follow standard registration processes.  Parent information and release forms will be emailed separately. 

1. Sign in or create a new account for your child

2.  Add the College for Kids membership course to your cart

3.  Select classes-one per each time period for a total of 4

Part time College for Kids registrations accepted starting June 5th.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 607-778-5012 for assistance.

Please note:  If you see the Spring catalog cover in the left hand corner of your screen, please hit refresh on your computer and it will switch to the Summer cover.

Thank you.