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ACC Featured Emergency Management & Health Programs

Denim Jeans

BLS Provider & Emergency Medicine

The BLS Provider course meets the requirements of American Heart Association Basic Life Support for those who work in Emergency Services, Health Care and other professional areas. We also offer EMT Refresher, Paramedic Refresher, EMT Skill Instructor courses, and more.

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Denim Jeans

Personal Health, Fitness & Mindfulness

Our WCP Health & Wellness classes take into account mind and body, with classes like Reiki and Tai Chi. We have mindfulness, meditation, and positive psychology courses that are a great fit for all ages. Energize yourself, learn more about your intuition and start a wellness plan with one of these courses!

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EMS Refresher Programs Offered At ACC

Paramedic Refresher
The goal of the Paramedic Refresher course is to provide a review of content and skills required for certificate renewal at the paramedic level. Included is 56 hours of didactic and lab time. The course meets or exceeds all National Continued Competency Program and the Colorado Paramedic certificate renewal requirements. It is designed to refresh and reinforce previous knowledge and explore new concepts. The instructors provide clinically relevant information to help stay current on the latest medical and trauma management methods. This course is also an excellent opportunity to network with other Paramedics from across the region. Your eligibility to re-certify must be verified by you with the National Registry and the State of Colorado. If you are admitted into the Paramedic Refresher course, Arapahoe Community College EMS makes no guarantee of your ability to recertify through National Registry or the State of Colorado.

EMT Refresher
This course consists of 40 hours of classroom and lab sessions. A course completion certificate will be granted once you have completed all course and practical work successfully. Your eligibility to re-certify must be verified by you with the National Registry and/or the State of Colorado. Practical skills attestation will take place during the course for both National Registry and State certificate holders.


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