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Contract Training   

Custom Training for Business & Industry

Contract training is a partnership between Centralia College with businesses and industries in Lewis County to perform customized job skills training for their employees.

Convenient - Training held on Centralia College campus or at the job site, saving time, travel and cost.

Instructors - Our instructors are skilled professionals that will provide up to date information and training.

Employee Development - Increase confidence, productivity, customer service and job skills.

Available Training Options:


How does it work?

It’s a very simple, and easy process to help your employees get the training they need!


Contract Training Pay Scale

--First Aid/CPR Certification--
1-5 students Total cost: $500.00
6-10 students Total cost: $600.00

--Flagger Training & Certification--
1-5 students Total cost: $475.00
6-14 students Total cost: $800.00
Up to 20 students Total cost: $1,050.00

--Forklift Training & Certification--
1-4 students Total cost: $480.00
5-8 students Total cost: $810.00



Need training for your employees? Get started today!
Continuing Education

    • First Aid & CPR
    • Basic Life Support for Healthcare Workers
    • Nurse Delegation
    • Mental Health Certification
    • Dementia Certification
    • Forklift
    • Flagger Certification
    • Human Relations
    • Conversational Spanish
    • Organization & Leadership
    • Project Management
    • Supervision
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Team Building
    • Computer Training – offered in a classroom on campus or at your site using laptops.
      • Modules available:
        • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, or customize your class.
  • After initial contact has been made, a date will be decided for the training.
  • A service agreement will be provided to the business. This agreement will clearly state the date of training, cost, services, as well as terms and conditions.
  • Once the agreement has been approved by both parties, the training will take place on the desired date.
  • Following the training, the business will be provided an invoice from the college for the services provided. 

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