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Contract Training   

Custom Training for Business & Industry

Contract training is a partnership between Centralia College with businesses and industries in Lewis County to perform customized job skills training for their employees.

Convenient - Training held on Centralia College campus or at the job site, saving time, travel and cost.

Instructors - Our instructors are skilled professionals that will provide up to date information and training.

Employee Development - Increase confidence, productivity, customer service and job skills.

    Available Training Options:

    • First Aid & CPR
    • Basic Life Support for Healthcare Workers
    • Nurse Delegation
    • Mental Health Certification
    • Dementia Certification
    • Forklift
    • Flagger Certification
    • Human Relations
    • Conversational Spanish
    • Organization & Leadership
    • Project Management
    • Supervision
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Team Building
    • Computer Training – offered in a classroom on campus or at your site using laptops.
      • Modules available:
        • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, or customize your class.


    How does it work?

    It’s a very simple, and easy process to help your employees get the training they need!

    1. After initial contact has been made, a date will be decided for the training.
    2. A service agreement will be provided to the business. This agreement will clearly state the date of training, cost, services, as well as terms and conditions.
    3. Once the agreement has been approved by both parties, the training will take place on the desired date.
    4. Following the training, the business will be provided an invoice from the college for the services provided. 


    Contract Training Pay Scale

    --First Aid/CPR Certification--
    1-5 students Total cost: $500.00
    6-10 students Total cost: $600.00

    --Flagger Training & Certification--
    1-5 students Total cost: $475.00
    6-14 students Total cost: $800.00
    Up to 20 students Total cost: $1,050.00

    --Forklift Training & Certification--
    1-4 students Total cost: $480.00
    5-8 students Total cost: $810.00



    Need training for your employees? Get started today!
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