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Certified Mental Health Technician   

This program is created for people who want to learn about psychology and mental health in order to become a professional mental health technician. The program includes various interactive elements to enhance the learning experience by making it more engaging on the whole. This mental health program will teach you about various treatments and therapies that are used to assist patients that are dealing withpsychosocial or psychological problems that include: • Substance use conditions • Developmental delays and disabilities • Medical illnesses • Sources of social stress like domestic violence, homelessness, poverty A critical part of understanding psychology is to understand what the sub-field abnormal psychology entails. The Abnormal Psychology module in this program introduces psychopathology and the constantly shifting views of mental illness. Therefore, you’ll learn about impairments in social processes and brain functions, and you’ll learn the implications of these impairments on peoples’ everyday lives. Therefore, through this program, you’ll learn details about: • Mood disorders • Disorders of childhood • Psychoses • Schizophrenia • Anxiety, sexuality,and eating disorders This is a complete training program that aims to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to become a professional mental health technician.The program also incorporates extensive multimedia material to help you learn through audio and visual means.
  • Certified Mental Health Technician
  • Fee: $3,895.00
    Item Number: 2022WLD1349531
    Location: WE Online

    Duration: 12 months
    Contact Hours: 645
    Prerequisites: There are no specific prerequisites for this course.
    Language(s): English
    Upon successful enrollment in this program, you will receive an email from our education partner, World Education, with program access information.

Contact Information

Rodney Alford
Director, Workforce Development and Continuing Education

Alexandria McCuiston
Continuing Education Program Specialist


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