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Decluttering and Downsizing: The Difficult Decisions  

Acquiring is easy; downsizing is hard. Whether rearranging or relocating, by choice or not, sometimes we just need to get rid of “stuff.” This presentation covers the entire process which must begin with the hard part, actually gathering the stuff and making the decisions. In this class Dina Shtull will focus on the process of downsizing – of getting to the point of doing it (what stops us and what the benefits are), and helpful hints on actually getting organized enough to do it. She will address such questions as: Should I sell or donate? What if I cannot part with an item? Do I need an appraisal? Helping seniors with potentially difficult decisions is Dina’s specialty. She believes that downsizing is not a one-time project, but a way of life, and that downsizing is not only about what to give away, but also about what to keep.