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The Art of David Barr and Michigan’s Unique Art Parks   

From the soaring stainless-steel arch of Transforming, in Detroit’s Hart Plaza, to his global sculptures worldwide, David Barr’s artwork has inspired artists, educators, cultural leaders, scholars, and policy makers to explore the mystery and magic of life. With this presentation, Ken Stevens takes us on a whirlwind journey around the world, interpreting scores of images of David’s artwork, and crossing lines – lines that define borders and time zones, naturally occurring lines, cultural lines, starting lines and goal lines, all places of tension, creativity, and understanding. In this class we focus particular attention on two of David Barr’s most consequential achievements: the Michigan Legacy Art Park, a 30-acre wilderness sculpture park at Crystal Mountain Resort, and the Villa Barr Art Park in Novi.

In 1972 Professor Emeritus Ken Stevens joined the faculty of Eastern Michigan University (EMU) where he created both the musical theater program and the graduate and undergraduate programs in arts management. He retired from EMU in 2014. Ken is a past president of the Michigan Legacy Art Park, where he created the park’s educational program. He is currently serving as advisor to Villa Barr and supervising interns for the EMU arts management program.