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Rehabilitating Raptors:  Our Extraordinary Birds of Prey   

Raptors are very special. From the tiniest owl to the largest eagle, we are fascinated by these flying hunters. Most of us get only a glimpse of their daily lives – if we see a hawk swoop from a tree to catch dinner or watch turkey vultures soar high in the thermals. Unfortunately, many raptors encounter the dangers of interacting with human beings, and suffer life-altering injuries. In this presentation Dody Wyman shares photos, videos, and narrative highlights of her more than 35 years working with these amazing birds of prey. We will have an opportunity to learn about the injuries requiring rehabilitation, and the difficult decisions encountered during treatment and care. We will also delight in some of the success stories, and learn first hand from some non-releasable educational birds how they parent, interact with each other, hunt, eat, and relate to us and our environment.  

Dody Wyman found her passion for raptors when her life’s journey brought her to the world of wildlife rehabilitation. Her original career path was in business, but she subsequently certified for wildlife rehabilitation, education, and falconry, and formed a federal non-profit. Dody also served for ten years on the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council’s (IWRC) board of directors, and continues to serve on the IWRC Course Development Committee. She has represented the IWRC on a panel discussing wildlife rehabilitation standards at the Department of the Interior in Washington, D.C.


  • Rehabilitating Raptors:  Our Extraordinary Birds of Prey
    Dates: 4/21/2022 - 4/21/2022

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