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Sapsuckers and Nuthatches: What’s in a (Bird’s) Name?   

Birds acquire their names in a wide variety of ways. They are often named for the dominant color of their plumage (Bluebird) and sometimes for a unique body part (Great Horned Owl), or the color of a distinct body part (Red-headed Woodpecker). They are also named for a behavior (Mockingbird), a habitat (Pine Warbler), the location where they were first discovered (Cape May Warbler), or for the sound of their song (Chickadee). Birds can also be named for a person (Wilson’s Warbler). Frequently, the name origin of a bird is a mystery, and you must attend this class to unravel the naming of Bonaparte’s Gull.  


Don Chalfant has been entertaining and enlightening the Elderwise community for many years with his profound knowledge and stunning photographs of North America’s natural world. Don received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Michigan. In 1995 he retired from teaching in the Ann Arbor Public Schools. Enjoying the retirement life, Don indulges his passion for the outdoors, for birding, and for photographing nature’s inhabitants.


  • Sapsuckers and Nuthatches: What’s in a (Bird’s) Name?
    Dates: 5/17/2022 - 5/17/2022

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