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American Politics at Mid Term: Contests and Controversies, A Panel Discussion   

By the time we meet for this session, Russia and Ukraine may still be at war, or maybe not. The economy may be starting a boom cycle, or we may be languishing in inflation and labor shortages. Covid-19 may be under control, or new variants may have emerged. The assault on voting rights may be speeding up, or slowing down, in advance of the 2022 elections. Roe v. Wade might no longer be the law of the land, or may have been upheld by the Supreme Court. Donald Trump will have said outrageous things – we are not going to hedge on that prediction! And, into this vast sea of uncertainty step our three panelists, to offer perspective on what has happened since they last spoke, why we are where we are, and what may come next. They remind you, of course, that prediction is difficult, especially about the future (ref. Yogi Berra). But they will do their best and have a good time trying!  

Jeffrey Bernstein studies and teaches political science and American politics at Eastern Michigan University (EMU). Jeffrey specializes in public opinion and political behavior. Michael Homel is Professor Emeritus of History at EMU. Mike’s special expertise is in the fields of 20th century American history and American urban history. Larry Kestenbaum is  the Washtenaw County Clerk/Register of Deeds. He is the creator and owner of the Internet’s most comprehensive source for American political biography,