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(TATN) Taking Apart the News   

The United States and the global community continue to struggle with growing critical challenges. Some are political, some are environmental. Many are economic or involve socio-economic inequity. One continuing challenge is an apparently uncontainable global pandemic. Misinformation, and even worse, disinformation, feed the growing decline of support and trust in democratic principles. In these TATN sessions Al Chambers will choose specific topics for emphasis. He selected late-semester June dates because they are likely to coincide with end-of-session rulings from the Supreme Court, which faces its own controversies and critics. The nation will be at the midpoint of what will be a tense and quite possibly critical midterm election, amidst continuing fierce polarization and fragmentation in both political parties. Chambers says that member feedback from 2021 TATN classes favored a balanced discussion between domestic and international issues combined with his own viewpoints about the effectiveness and honesty of both leadership and media. He will strive to provide both in these sessions.


Al Chambers spent decades in front-line journalism and corporate communications consulting. He still works diligently in retirement to apply that experience to better understand the power and the speed of news, media, and technology.