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> Art & Architecture

Gallery Walks: Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin, The Impressionist’s Odd Couple   

Z  Online Class:  A Zoom invitation link will be sent one day before each session begins.

This is about art and about history, but it is not art history. Let's be foot loose and fancy free, and just follow our feet from one imaginary gallery to another, from one museum to another, to an astonishing building – a home here, a factory there. Without any boundaries of time or space, let's enjoy the work of creative people, one by one, asking ourselves how the font of human ingenuity is opened and nourished and fulfilled. The imagined galleries we visit for this class will be those of Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin, two painters who admired each other’s work but differed in so many other ways.  

Michael R. Kapetan is an artist whose own work is informed by the scientific, the aesthetic, and the spiritual, as he creates holy images for churches, synagogues, and temples, plus unique solar sculptures that mark the turning of the seasons. Mike is retired from the University of Michigan School of Art. He holds a degree in art history from Harvard University and a Master’s degree in sculpture from the University of Michigan.