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The Glimpse of a Dream – Three African Poets   

In-Person Class: This class will be taught in person, in the classroom at the Red Cross building.
     Enrollment: The American Red Cross pandemic protocols may limit the enrollment for this class.
     Registrants will be informed in advance, and a waitlist will be available.

    Text: The Penguin Book of Modern African Poetry, fourth edition. 
     Edited by Gerald Moore and Ulli Beier. 1998. ISBN 0-14-118100-1

Because poems express the life experience of one individual, and their readers come prepared to hear an authentic, subjective voice, poetry often transcends cultural frontiers with ease. So it is with African poetry and its North American readers. From the rich store of 20th century African poetry, we will sample works by three of the most celebrated and influential poets: writing in English are Nigeria’s Wole Soyinka and Christopher Okigbo, and writing originally in French, Senegalese Leopold Senghor. Participants will receive an electronic “handout” containing the class readings, which can be found in the text listed above.

Leonore Mohill Gerstein was born in Massachusetts and lived in Israel during her formative years. She earned a B.A in English Literature and European Philosophy from Hebrew University, Jerusalem, later becoming a speech and language clinician, with a Master’s degree in that field from Western Michigan University, and a Master’s in English from Eastern Michigan University. She is grateful to Elderwise for the opportunity to share her love of poetry with many insightful participants.