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What Did Shakespeare Know?   

C  In-Person Class: This class will be taught in person, in the classroom at the Red Cross building.
     Enrollment: The enrollment for this class is limited to 25 attendees.

Shakespeare knew what his contemporaries knew. They knew the economy was bad, the plague inevitable, contentious religious issues dangerous, and the wool trade disruptive of the economy. They wondered if witchcraft was real, if eclipses were really portents, whether the earth was the center of the universe, how the human body actually worked, whether alchemy really worked, whether social unrest would disappear, how their own minds worked, and how money worked. If you had been an Elizabethan, you would have worried about these things too. In this class we will also try worrying about and understanding these questions.


William Ingram is Professor Emeritus of English Language and Literature at the University of Michigan. He is known for his work on early modern drama and performance.