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A Paradise Besieged: The Galapagos Islands   

C  In-Person Class: This class will be taught in person, in the classroom at the Red Cross building.
    Enrollment: The American Red Cross pandemic protocols may limit the enrollment for this class.
    Registrants will be informed in advance, and a waitlist will be available.

Uli Reinhardt returns to share her experiences while studying the Galápagos Islands. These islands are world-famous for their naturally tame wildlife – a prehistoric giant tortoise emerges from thick brush, penguins mingle with strange “sea dragons,” and guileless sea lions frolic on the beach in front of captivated tourists. It is no wonder that the geographic isolation of the islands has been broken and that a multitude of invasive visitors, human and other, is threatening to cause irreparable damage to the Galápagos’ natural integrity. This class will do two things – in the first hour our presenter will show the natural beauty of the Galápagos and explain some of the natural and human history of the archipelago, and in the second hour she will describe the ongoing battle to preserve the islands.







Uli Reinhardt has been a professor of biology at Eastern Michigan University for more than 20 years. She is a specialist in ichthyology and teaches classes on zoology, ecology, and environmental science, as well as summer field-study in Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands. In addition to the United States, Professor Reinhardt has lived, worked, and studied in Germany, Ecuador, Japan, and Canada.