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The Problem of Electronic Waste and How to Make Our Devices Last Longer   

Online Class: A Zoom invitation link will be sent one day before class begins.

When our electronic devices break down, or just work poorly, we often get rid of them and buy new ones. Sometimes buying new is the only solution, but what is the environmental impact of our electronic waste? For example, making a new iPhone SE can produce 140 lbs. of C02 emissions – more than a Delta flight from Detroit to Cleveland. We may be surprised to learn that there are easy, practical alternatives that will help the environment – and save us money. In this presentation, Jim Keen will explore the problems of electronic waste. He will explain how to make our devices last longer, and when necessary, the proper way to dispose of our electronics.


Jim Keen holds a B.A. in communications and an M.A. in educational studies from the University of Michigan. He currently owns and operates Keen Focus Technology Tutoring.