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Egypt's Alexandria: Ancient Capital and Modern Metropolis   

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Alexander the Great, student of Aristotle, extended the horizon of the Greek world as far as India, but when he founded Alexandria, he envisioned a new Athens. Becoming a melting pot of Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Jews, Christians, and Muslims, the city was the intellectual capital of the world for 1,000 years. Alexandria was the site of antiquity’s largest library, a magnet for scholars, scientists, and early theologians. It was, indeed, the supreme example of the diaspora of Hellenistic culture. Alexandria lost power as Cairo, to its South, became the new capital of Egypt. In this session we will wind our way through Egypt’s fantastic history, and then weave together the history of the ancient town and modern city, now a Mediterranean resort town, with a new library to showcase Alexandria’s move to modernity.

Gerlinda Melchiori is a life-long student of history and art. Her 20 years as international consultant for universities around the world, and her many years as lecturer on cruise ships, have offered her opportunities to explore civilizations and their evolving cultures.




  • Egypt's Alexandria: Ancient Capital and Modern Metropolis
    Dates: 1/30/2023 - 1/30/2023

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