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Film: The Chess Players (1977)   

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Directed by Indian film master Satyajit Ray, this fictional story is set amidst historically accurate events. The independent kingdom of Oudh is threatened by the aspirations of a British general who is eager to annex it on behalf of the East India Company. Two wealthy but apathetic land owners become excessively involved in endless games of chess, seemingly oblivious to the chess-like moves being made around them, and likewise ignoring the sexual dissatisfaction of their wives. In Hindi with English subtitles, this film offers us beautiful dance scenes but no heroes - only pawns in a grand historical game.

John Stewart is a retired software developer with degrees in biology from the University of Michigan. He is not a movie maven, but he enjoys films with a foreign touch and believes this one will appeal to Elderwise cinema lovers.




  • Film: The Chess Players (1977)
    Dates: 1/10/2023 - 1/10/2023

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