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Amazing Amsterdam   

Online Class:  A ZOOM invitation link will be sent one day before class begins.

Amazing Amsterdam:  A Showcase of Dutch History and Culture

Having covered the Age of Discovery and the Hanseatic League in previous classes, as well as recently visiting the Van Gogh exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts, Gerlinda now highlights the amazing contributions the Dutch have bestowed upon the world. Following a brief overview of the history of Holland, she will present treasures of art and culture in Amsterdam, including its canal architecture and famous churches and synagogues. We will visit the famous Rijksmuseum to observe the works of painters from the Dutch Golden Age, such as Rubens, Vermeer, and Rembrandt, visit Anne Frank House and Museum, the incredible Shipbuilding Museum, and of course the museum dedicated to impressionist Van Gogh. We will briefly visit Rotterdam, De Hague, and Delft, walk through spectacular tulip gardens and observe flower auctions, pass by the first Stock Market and stroll through the city’s infamous night life. 


Gerlinda Melchiori is a life-long student of history and art. Her 20 years as international consultant for universities around the world, and her many years as lecturer on cruise ships, have offered her opportunities to explore civilizations and their evolving cultures.



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