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Aztec and Mayan Cultures in Mexico   

This class will be presented both in-person at the Vineyard Church and online via Zoom.


Join George Jabol as he leads us on a 12-day journey through Mexico. The primary purpose of this September 2022 trip was to explore ancient Aztec and Mayan sites extending from Mexico City to the Yucatan. Along the way there was also much to enjoy and learn about modern day Mexican culture. Highlights of the trip include visits to Aztec temples at Tenochtitlan and Teotihuacan, and a day in the charming colonial town of Puebla. In Veracruz, a museum visit features the famous colossal basalt heads of Olmec leaders. We will enjoy the partially restored ruins at Palenque, one of the most beautiful Mayan city-states in Mesoamerica. The Mayan site at Uxmal near Merida provoked wonder because of the many intricate carvings preserved on the stone temples. George’s trip concludes with a tour of Chichen Itza, the principal ceremonial center of the Yucatan.  


George Jabol received his B.A. degree from Ohio’s Muskingum University, and a Ph.D. in English language and literature from the University of Michigan. Fully retired now from a career with the federal government, George creates photographic slide shows as a way to remember his travels and share them with others. 



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