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An Outdoor Sculpture Tour on the U-M North Campus   

Offsite Tour: University of Michigan, North Campus
Enrollment for this tour is limited to 12 attendees. A waitlist will be available.

An Outdoor Sculpture Tour on the University of Michigan North Campus

This walking tour of the University of Michigan North Campus will introduce participants to world-class examples of contemporary monumental outdoor sculpture as produced by some of the leading artists of our time. Many famous modern sculptors have contributed to the North Campus collection, including

Tilted Donut with S, 2006, by Fletcher Benton (1931-2019)

Indexer II, 2002, by Kenneth Snelson (1927-2016)

Begob, 1996, by Alexander Liberman (1912-1999)

Statue of Claude Shannon, 2001, by Eugene Daub (1942 - )

Summaries of Arithmetic Through Dust, Including Writing Not Yet Printed, 1992, by Alice Aycock (1946- )

3 Cubes in a Seven Axis Relationship, 2016, by Philip Stewart (Living Artist)

Tools + Fire, 2012, by Jim Dine (1935 - )

Triad Ritual, 1993, by Beverly Pepper (1922 – 2020)

KÖSZÖNÖM (Thank You) Raoul Wallenberg by Jon Rush (UM Professor of Art, 1962-2006)

Off Axis Holography, 2013, by Jens Zorn (Professor Emeritus, UM Physics Dept.)

These are but a sampling of the extraordinary array of artists and works of art on North Campus, some of which will be included in this tour. Participants should wear comfortable walking shoes (not sandals), bring water to drink, wear sunscreen and a hat if necessary, and should be able to walk one mile. There will be opportunities to rest along the way. Driving, parking, and gathering directions will be sent to registrants prior to the tour. 

Jennifer Edwards’ work history has always been in finance. She is a retired C.P.A. who began her volunteer docent work at UMMA in September 2015. Jennifer has led two previous North Campus art tours. 


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