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The Great Hoax: Paul McCartney, Dead or Alive?   

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In this class we will embark on a journey to explore an urban legend and conspiracy theory about Paul McCartney, renowned Beatles musician and vocalist. In 1969 rumors began to circulate in south east Michigan, when a student from Eastern Michigan University phoned the local radio station WKNR asking about Paul’s death. Two days later, an article published in the University of Michigan student newspaper, The Michigan Daily, detailed multiple clues pointing to McCartney’s untimely death and eventual replacement with a look-alike among The Beatles. Clue-hunting continued, in Beatles songs and album artwork, and the rumors did not disappear until late 1969, when Life Magazine published a front-cover photo of Paul and Linda McCartney, very much alive. Many still believe, even to this day, that Paul was killed in a 1967 car accident and replaced by a double. The hoax itself became the subject of analysis among sociologists and psychologists. Ray Stocking has studied, recorded, and performed the music of The Beatles for more than 40 years. He is also a self-taught Beatles historian, and enjoys sharing his abundance of “Beatles details” with anyone who wants to listen. Ray is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University where he received his B.B.A and M.B.A. degrees in business management.

This is the IN-PERSON SESSION of The Great Hoax: Paul McCartney, Dead or Alive?


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